For schools

About the program

An innovative teaching method bringing fast, long-lasting, and quality results. 
Not only students but also their teachers have fun during the lessons.

Characteristics of video lessons

Each lesson includes:
  • the educational video lesson with subtitles
  • an exciting interactive quiz
  • an educational and enthralling game
  • printable worksheets allowing children to work at their own pace.

For schools and kindergartens

You can start using MonkeyEnglish in Kindergarten. Children watch real life situations in the videos and learn the new vocabulary quickly. The program has a beginner level English and also new teachers can master it.
The program has been created in line with accreditations No. MSMT-35704/2013,  MSMT-35703/2013 and MSMT-10384/2015.

How the program works?

Children can forget boring and ineffective vocabulary memorization and their teachers enjoy the lessons with them.
Video lessons showing real life situations with real people is one of the most effective teaching methods. Children listen to every word in the educational video lesson and actively play the quizzes and games.
The program was produced by two teachers (Lukáš Heřman and Lukáš Javorek) to help other teachers with their lessons. 
MonkeyEnglish is the perfect teaching assistant for many age groups to help with new vocabulary. Teachers decide themselves, how to teach with the video:
  A) Kindergartens and the youngest students at basic schools can only focus on the main vocabulary.
  B) Students of basic schools can focus on the main vocabulary and also on the phrases

Available lessons:

  • Food - the main food groups or types and food shopping
  • Transport - the most frequently used means of transport
  • Body - teaching of all body parts in English
  • Classroom - learn to describe the classroom
  • House - describe the places we are living in
  • Meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks 
  • School items - give the items of daily classroom English names
  • 20 useful items - English terms for the most frequently used items
  • City - find your way around the city
  • Nature - how beautiful the nature can be
  • Sea - get ready for the holiday
  • 20 useful adjectives - hot or cold, clean or dirty, new or old, and much more
The teacher can stop the video at any time and come back a few seconds to replay the specific situation. The main video lessons also have Czech and English subtitles that can be switched on or off as needed. The video is followed by an interactive quiz section. Each quiz has three questions, and are randomly selected. The learning game, because it is funny, helps students revise, remember, and understand the new vocabulary.  

Lesson timings:

  • Educational video: 8 to 11 minutes
  • Each section of 3 quizzes: 3 minutes
  • The final game: about 3 to 10 minutes


The school/kindergarten receives unlimited access to the entire program. That means, the program and all lessons can be used by as many personnel and as many times as it suits the school during the entire license period. 
One year or three year licenses are available. A one year license comes with one month free usage benefit, the three year license with three free months. 

Minimal technical requirements for smooth usage are:

  • Explorer: Internet Explorer 9 and higher, or Firefox 24.0 and higher, or Google Chrome 30 and higher (we can not guarantee proper functioning in other types of explorers)
  • Operating System: Windows Vista and higher, or Mac OS X 10.7 and higher
  • At least 1 GB free disk space
  • At least 512 MB RAM
  • Internet connectivity speed of at least 512Kbps for each parallel play

Main advantages of Web platform are:

  • No installation required
  • Access from anywhere at anytime
  • Program is constantly extended
  • All updates are included in price and available immediately


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